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   Ultimatum male        Oh ... .
I spacecraft, was certainly west of 021 city ruins.
(And, Leon and Ultimatum male headed there.)
   (Dragon ☆ surname)

   Public telephone        Do not told me ... Shumihaza Speaking ...
Ultimatum male "Oh, who are you? That 's"
Of me, but have trusted also thick ... respect from the old days of his superiors's ... men ...
How so

   Ultimatum male        Hun. Well any good.
Sky, I arrived!
(2 people in front of a large spacecraft was standing.)
   (Dragon ☆ surname)

   Narration        Two people, the atmosphere outside the boarded the spacecraft. ......
But! ! Was waiting there was a large spacecraft ship.
Large spacecraft ship has been attacked in Leon our spacecraft

   Captain        Again came or ...
The normal of that ship's main gun cocked while shooting a beam gun em wipe out without a trace! !

   Leon        Argh ...
Dangerous Na ... in this state is ...
Just here of armed ... missile three ... this, anyhow it become not ...

   Ultimatum male        Indeed, I dangerous is two people.
I wonder if Sir, the how to.

(Then from the side, the spacecraft has come.)

Giruzefu "Leon Sarn !!!"

Leon "Giruzefu!?
You! ? Scratch? "
   (Dragon ☆ surname)

   Ultimatum male        "No, He can use just the right that ship Na's fake ..."?
Leon who enters the missile Among the distortion dimension driven into the ship of Giruzefu ...

   Leon        Such ....
Stop it! (Arti I pounce on male)
   (Dragon ☆ surname)

   Ultimatum male        Skip bounce lightly Leon "You will probably have no reason to come true to me ...
Quiet where it Iro look "

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