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2002.7.28 >> For off meeting
participants who wish from after you discuss the Board will folded several people. Sorry to trouble you, please the confirmation e-mail that to participate in the meeting off from here again, including those who signed up to July 18 before. . . 。。
Off meeting participation Island - to e-mail
2002.7.17 >> Currently busy in the real of tutoring -;
Than at the 18th 9 pm I do talk at Messe in off meeting all participants.
If there is such day is good convenient not tell at that time.
Bulletin board anything I will fix in the next update when the inside of the table. Xenosaga page fix
things that do not appear to be not drag, Links modification
2002.7.10 >> Sudden renewal about horrible. Would do was do a before a comprehensive top?
; Chokkotto has increased content. I Kedomo still unpublished ;
2002.7.7 >> Is still heavy TT
Is in the query to the server TT
2002.7.6 >> It is insanely heavy. . .
You do not look at is forever and after even improve and try to contact the server side.

IllusT(About the GW except illustrations) Back No.

Suddenly looks fact even though the change is it is it does not have much changed (laughs style sheet from a few days
ago was not sorry about what had changed claims about it ^^;
In this style, I use an inline frame.
Do not appear to clean even when maximized in 1024 × 768 is recommended resolution to bonus TT
Please look at the absolute IE ···.
I do not know how has been in Nesuke.
And, capture page, so they how to open only Oekaki attention.
In addition ,,, actually when you re-install the other day Windows,
Wild Arms, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest of data, TT that is I have erased all
It is selfish, but also to start the capture from Tales of Destiny because it does not motivated twice. . .
Update what was scheduled to be updated in the previous Sunday at that.
>Anything spoilers bulletin board, mutual Links