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This site is link free!

But, if you have there than affixed the link, and you can let me know and I hope ^^;
Contact bulletin board for contact, please e-mail.

Mutual link is in recruitment!

This site has a large large large recruitment reciprocal links.
Please also contact bulletin board or by e-mail, for reciprocal links.
Note) to specify the following things, check please send.
1. The name of the site
2. address of the site
3. janitor's your name (HN)
4. e-mail address
5. where I want to especially look at the site
6. site description of

7. opinion to this site, demand, please if something impressions.

>>Thank you After finished the link to this site.

However, the following site there is a case where I refuse to cross link.
1. does not address all the games site
2. the moment you open the site, site banner comes out as a mountain
3. Religious site
4. underground (UG) Related Sites
5. janitor felt that it is inappropriate site



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