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Beyond Restaurants 200 and removed from the old one


2002/7/17 12:49

Where you live Tokyo
Tanjobi February 3 (13 Sai)
Things like Minna and Chat or E-mail it ~ ♪
And I was knew there from before me here, but did not Kakiko.
Everyone Say hello ☆

No.97 Pam kun HomePage HomePage

2002/7/14 14:55

Where you live Okayama ~
Tanjobi April 22日
Things like Games and computer tinkering
parallel that use the Gila.
The chat I will appear to establish parallel the metal to escape stray.
I do you mean I do not know remark often please.

No.96 Pirotchi kunHomePage

2002/7/17 23:53

Where you live Mars (Come Back
Tanjobi November 27 (12 Sai)
Things like House.
No fast, and there was a Gesubu to ... Immediately Kakikaki ... Everyone also Let Homupe opened! ! * - It is a publicity ban -.-;

No.95 outside air (the original; Lorrain's ん

2002/7/11 19:55

Where you live Kanata (Miyagi)
Tanjobi October 18 (13 Sai)
Things like Muscle training, games, and other various
Also, to Yoroshu Nde occasionally come ~

No.94 Nozo ★ chan

2002/7/11 10:09

Where you live Tokyo
Tanjobi 4 April 26
Things like PC tinkering & reading w
..... You did not know Nante there is such a place (sweat) I am well on the bulletin board and chat. Thank you in the future ~w

No.93 mystery ~ chan

2002/6/30 17:20

Where you live Hakata
Tanjobi November 7
Things like Game
I'm sorry! Cycle

No.92 dragon ☆ Say kun

2002/6/29 23:40

Where you live Wakayama Prefecture
Tanjobi February 23 (13 Sai)
Things like singing. Sports (especially baseball)
Genki is the merit! Everyone, Best regards!

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