For off meeting

State of Bob's work was scheduled that us first before served as the progress of the off the Board of restless,

for this remain in it did not know when to become able to open off meeting, 1st off meeting will breath Bonbi.

It is about what you decide to some extent.
For detailed information, I will continue to promote soon messenger Nari Nari in chat.

* Here About thing called "mail" Please send off meeting dedicated e-mail address.
* Off meeting e-mail address is is.

1. Off meeting of the name ....
Well, it is as it isKansai 1st GW off meeting in^^;
Scheduled date ismid-August.
I will tell you by e-mail for a full date. br>
2. Focal location
I am determined by USJ or rather plan to USJ.
It is adissolution second day in ,,, first day full all nightas planned. . .
^^ Be equivalent painful;

3. simple plan
Normally play ,,, severe × games there king game in Dokozo of BOX at USJ. . .
And so on. . .
It is really simple, but it is a mystery little whether or not to run and thought we (laughs really planning.

4.It is a decision get together is 4 or more conditions the number of off meeting held.
Off meeting and it is not at all put planned large scale even there entered ^^;

5. I want to be turned off meeting! People that?
I've been waiting ! The word ! And the contents of Iwanbakari ( wry smile
(laughs first, please contact us by really sureas to whether or not to attend E-mail.
At that time mail is always served with HN that are currently available at GW to thank you.
If you do not so detail roster created, you will not be able to contact.

... Even if you want to reject the off meeting attendance from 6.GW side
This is the minimum requirement of attendance seekers.
Everything is self-responsibility. Thing I am limited to those who are first has entered into my head that.
During the off-meeting, GW side does not assume any responsibility even as some accident occurs.
Of course you do not have, such as guardian. . .

7. ... if it is other question
Regarding all off meeting will please us by e-mail.
Thank you.

By the way, Bob is seems to be an extension of the better of the Tomei Expressway in Shizuoka.

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