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Log out   Posted:dragon ☆ Say Posted Date: 2002/07/18 (Thu) 07:23 No.11 
Log out of the way is, I do not know well because it is beginner. Someone, tell me Kudasa-i! ! !!

Untitled Posted by: Posted Date 2002/07/13 (Sat) 22:26 No.8 
How do I become when up What class?
After, the class-number on whether I become MAX LV?

Re: Untitled Futami Kotone2002/07/16 (Tue) 01:54 No.9  

When Although it is Max in about LV120 become Max question of what will happen than ... not probably happened nothing

Re:Untitled Poyosuke   - 2002/07/16 (Tue) 16:41 No.10 

Tired Posted by: Solo Posted Date:2002/07/01 (Mon) 12:35 No.5 
How do I Nikki doing me tired? (When there is only one money)

The Re: tired Futami Kotone - 2002/07/01 (Mon) 19:55 No.6  

A state that lost the champion is just after the game or has continued to that tired.
And is sure heal When you're finished state in which it is lost to the champion, let's wait until the automatic update ends,

 Posted by: sofia Posted Date: 2002/06/30 (Sun) 13:19 No.4 
Although I have created a new,
Neither money, but I lose absolute even fighting,
How do I go up level doing?

The Re: tired Futami Kotone 音 - 2002/07/01 (Mon) 19:55 No.7  

Champion to repeat the challenge, and participated in the tournament, with play against
favorite character, let's fight to find their win likely opponent.
It is low HP characters because this level if the game can not to rely too much on.
It is no choice but to fight to steady

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