[FFX character Butler of how to play]
Current best winning streak, the end's " KINGDOM HEARTS ", 150-game winning streak.
Recently 1 week winning streak, the end's " KINGDOM HEARTS ", 6 is the winning streak.

First, press the "New character registration" button, you can create a character.
After character creation is complete, you can log in from the place where it is in the upper-right corner of this page, enter
your dedicated status screen.
Where you can choose your actions.
Once you create a character, you play by logging from the top right corner of the place. Able to make a new character, it is only
one of the characters in one person.
This is not a HP Butler, is a character Butler. It is a game that foster the character.
It is possible to determine the character of the ability it is possible to distribute the ability yourself. (Here, since the
ability to decide not only rise in rare cases, carefully)
If you do not fight more than 50 days, the character of the data will be deleted.
Once it is not elapsed when combat 60 seconds and you can not battle again.

Create new character
Create new character















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