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Hello Posted by:Underground No.11 
Please revive the SOLD OUT ★

Equipment Posted by:End Posted Date:2002/07/22 (Mon) 18:41 No.10 
I want to put something other facilities Kyarabato.
Chocobo Toka Toka game ....
Bonbi @ janitor thank you.

Is the Oekaki . Posted by:Screw Posted Date: 2002/07/18 (Thu) 21:35 No.7 
Nice to meet you caretaker like.
My name is screw.
Previously, I such person who had frequently attended Oekaki, but hope the early return of Oekaki.
As in the previous upsurge, we want to also attend. Come thank you because you meet not Some people since sudden temporary
closure in the way you do not have a HP. Best regards.

Mutual link please Posted by:Shirufisu Posted Date: 2002/07/12 (Fri) 18:24 No.6 
Xenosaga is custodian Shirufisu cheats.
It is pasted is you think I already link to know because said before, please mutual link so.

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