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It had been devastated right now ... Posted by:Anonymous hope No.51 
Vandalism in that are doing everyone happily that was hella vandalism to be or pasted image in the chat will spoiler it.
You would like to request the request of access restrictions.

Reciprocal Link application Posted :Tomi Posted Date:2002/07/31(Wed) 17:51 No.49 
Is asking of Well ... mutual link.

The name of the site → GAMECASTLE

Site address → Http://Members11.Tsukaeru.Net/gamecastle/

Caretaker's your name (HN) → Tomi

E-mail address →

Especially where the Look of site ↓
It is of such still quite young, but ...
Toka showed that with a variety of bulletin board (sweat now DQ, I am going to thoroughly capture the FF.

Site Description ↓
As described above, DQ, and we plan to thoroughly capture the RPG game in general the FF.

Are you sure you want in such a feeling? ? ?
I am glad if you are able to cross-link OK because still few people.
Kindly thank you.
By the way, since I left put the banner ↓ of this site for your confirmation.

to Bonbi's:  Posted by:No:12 Posted Date:2002/07/31(Wed) 02:07 No.48 
I think that it is great to have elaborate on this site real. Incidentally Rine, we have
lost motivated by this time death too.

Link week of thing Posted by:Pirotchi Posted Date:2002/07/28(Sun) 14:54 No.47  
Long time no see. Now Gowasu in Pirotchi you are pretty addicted to FF7.
(Hey ... relationship)
Main issue with Nde. I N Tokoro site'm tentatively interlinked, but ...
Sokontoko is WHETHER IN modification.

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