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This website, the game is capture and community sites that I think let's you capture around the RPG (role playing game).
Also I have to perform irregularly such events. . .
Opened 2 Anniversary In the following, 2Milion when achieved, the first day of the week every month ○ is tea plans! And so on.
Janitor might different place by the page.

Comprehensive caretaker> Bonbi Rine page only> URikku Oekaki> tea cans Shi~i

Easily I leave finished in about this.

The history of this site

March 1, 2002 This site Xenosaga page is Yahoo! Japan is registered in the

October 14, 2001
WestSide Corporation publication "Enjoy CD34" is posted to

September 27, 2001
LYCOS Japan and is registered in the

Opened October 14, 2000






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